545. Andy, Matt Graham & DJ CTI: Trump Special Prosecutor Spent Over $9M, US Providing Cluster Bombs To Ukraine & Sound Of Freedom Exceeds Expectations


In today’s episode, Andy & DJ are joined in the studio by digital creator Matt Graham. They discuss the special prosecutor pressing a criminal case against Donald Trump, incurring over 9 million dollars since handling the case against the former President, the US defending itself in providing cluster bombs to Ukraine after nations agreed to no longer use the bombs, and Sound Of Freedom exceeding all expectations and bring in $40 million in its box-office opening.



Headline 1: Trump special prosecutor probe spent over $9M so far
Reference 1
Headline 2: The US will provide cluster bombs to Ukraine and defends the delivery of the controversial weapon

Reference 2
Headline 3: Sound of Freedom exceeds expectations with $40 million box-office opening

Reference 3

Reference 4

Reference 5

Reference 6

Reference 7

Reference 8

Reference 9

Reference 10
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